A man and child looking at an old computer.

The Fund Accounting Software Waiting Game

Replacing your office’s fund accounting software is easier said than done. After all, there’s quite a bit of information flowing through that old software everyone’s been working on for the past 20 years. But these days, with compatibility continuing to deteriorate, maintenance costs going up and everyone having to tiptoe their way through a dated interface,the future is suddenly getting clear. It’s time to go through the hassle of updating everyone’s old fund accounting software.

So why are some organizations sticking with financial software like Fundware when complaints of unusable reports, costs and lack of updates are everywhere?

Mostly, it’s a simple misunderstanding of the benefits, the costs and work involved.

Switching to a newer solution can provide benefits like:

  • Complete Audit tools designed to prevent fraud
  • Modules that make manual tasks automatic
  • Mobile options so you can work anywhere at anytime
  • Customizable tools to fit your own workflow
  • Releases that include true software enhancements
  • New Solutions that are compatible with the latest Microsoft releases

Price-wise, many people are surprised by the affordability of modern solutions. And many products offer promotions to buy your business. Some even go so far as to give the software away for free. Then there’s the maintenance. Fundware’s maintenance has increased 33% over the past 2 years. This is not uncommon for older solutions. It just costs more to keep up with the old code.

Considering the switch to a new financial software can seem like a daunting project for your office. Especially if your organization has never dealt with anything other than your current software. The great thing about choosing a full solution provider like Zobrio is that you have a partner that researches, organizes and implements a financial solution that is customized to your organization’s needs. We walk you through the process to make it as easy a transition as possible. And with Zobrio’s professional support staff, you’ll always have on-call backup to handle whatever accounting situation arises.

We want to show you how Zobrio can customize an affordable solution for you. Give us a call or send us an email for a free assessment.