ZAI: Banking, Bank Reconciliation and Cash Management

Track every dollar in and out of your office and create a complete audit trail that follows the path of every transaction and automatically reconcile receipts in seconds, even across multiple bank accounts.



Pain-Free Audits

Automating cash reconciliation helps simplify the audit process significantly.



Meet Compliance Requirements

Municipal and County Governments are under enormous budgetary and regulatory pressure. ZAI Banking gives treasurers the tools they need to be in compliance with FASB and GASB.



Reduce Errors

By eliminating the need for manual entry, potential human error and typos are significantly reduced and the integrity of your data is maintained.


Delivery Accessibility

Manage the banking and cash management needs for all locations within your organization confidently. ZAI Banking also makes it easy to manage multiple bank accounts with ease.




Take Control

Protect your organization’s data with role-based security access that is totally customizable. With the clear audit trails for every transaction, your organization can reduce the possibility of fraud and mismanagement.



At-a-Glance Dashboard Reporting

Get rid of spreadsheets and take advantage of convenient real-time dashboards. Easily customize dashboards based on role and needs to deliver just the right data every time.

Why you need ZAI Banking / Cash Management

ZAI Banking is compatible with most popular financial software systems

  • The Financial Edge
  • MIP
  • Tyler Munis
  • Softright
  • Vadar
  • Bill Trust
  • Unibank Unipay
  • Devnet
  • Century Bank
  • Invoice Cloud
  • And more! Ask us for our complete list today.