Zobrio University

Financial Edge

Zobrio is proud to be Blackbaud Financial Edge’s largest partner. And for good reason too! Blackbaud Financial Edge has been an industry standard in the fund accounting world for its built-in integration with The Raiser’s Edge as well as its flexible reporting system. As one of the most popular fund accounting software solutions, Blackbaud Financial Edge gives us the power to help you do Fund Accounting right.


The idea was simple. Zobrio wanted to partner with the most elegant, configurable and powerful Fund Accounting Software we could find. That’s when we discovered MIP Fund Accounting™.

MIP Fund Accounting™ does all the things you expect and demand from a fund accounting solution.

ZAI Banking

Track every dollar in and out of your office and create a complete audit trail that follows the path of every transaction and automatically reconcile receipts in seconds, even across multiple bank accounts.

IT and Managed Services

No matter what industry you’re in, you need your technology to work. Your hardware needs to be reliable, your data secure, and your software systems need to function perfectly. And it all has to come together with world-class employee support and training.

With ­over­ 30­ years­ of­ experience­ working­ to ­help ­organizations­ fulfill­ their­ mission,­ Zobrio­ handles every­ aspect­ of­ hardware, support and administration so our customers can focus on what they do best. Contact us if you’re ready to forget about your technology and get back to business.