ZAI Budgeting

Significantly reduce manual effort and improve your Budgeting, Financial Statements and Financial Planning cycles. Spend more time on analysis and insights, and driving ­collaboration, to support robust and informed business decision-making.



Trust the data

Eliminating multiple, complex spreadsheets ­removes the risk associated with version control and data accuracy; providing the confidence that comes with a single and accurate view of the organization’s business information.



Encourage Participation

An intuitive, easy to use and learn interface ­supports excellent user adoption. Managers across your organization can confidently review and input their budgetary data with full commentary, ­eliminating time-consuming duplication of data entry.



Achieve Buy-In & Accountability

ZAI Budgeting creates a collaborative, flexible budgeting and planning process. Empowering managers to participate, and fully understand the impact of their business decisions within a financial context, delivers improved transparency and ­accountability.



Improve Data Integrity

Protect the validity and accuracy of the data you rely on for your business decisions using a single centralized version of budgetary and planning information. Eliminate emails and multiple versions providing everyone with confidence in the numbers.



Centralized & Organized

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to centrally manage and apply all of your business rules and assumptions. Any changes then only need to be applied once only; and will be accurately ­reflected throughout your entire budgeting and ­planning ­environment – saving time and significantly ­improving data integrity.


Quick & Accurate Answers

Easily construct and generate multiple “what-if” scenarios and funding streams in a matter of minutes and view in real-time the impact on your Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Management Reporting.

Streamline and automate your budgetary process to gain more time for analysis and drive agile and informed planning and decision-making.

  • Allow managers to easily input their budget and forecasts without the need for strong financial or system skills
  • Sophisticated system administration capabilities allow the finance team to establish user access by business unit, department or cost item
  • Automatically consolidates the budget/forecast across the entire organization
  • Multi-dimensional slicing-and-dicing, drill-down and easy Excel interface supports easy exploration and understanding of budgetary data
  • Allows the total budget to be exported and ­uploaded to your financial system
  • Full audit compliance with line-by-line transaction detail providing a comprehensive audit trail and highly detailed and thorough work papers.