Zobrio Reports & Dashboards

Remove time-consuming, complex manual reporting processes and help everyone easily view and track KPIs against strategic goals with visually engaging dashboards and reports that are easy to understand.

The Full Picture

A single powerful reporting platform across the entire organization effectively breaks down ­business silos and avoids the chaos of multiple data and ­reporting sources. Review and monitor your ­business performance with everyone benefiting from being able to see the full picture.


Tell Your Story

Publish professional quality internal and ­external ­reports quickly and accurately. Maintain a ­single central version and automatically update ­Excel, Word and PowerPoint content within your ­documents to reduce manual errors and save ­considerable time.



Deliver Accessibility

Provide on-demand access to critical financial and organizational performance information. Enable your stakeholders to explore, analyze and ­understand business information by embedding ­analytics within your staff intranet or other web-based systems.

Share and Collaborate

Bring your business data to life, with highly ­contextual, visually engaging dashboards that ­consolidate transactional data into highly relevant and consumable information. Drive conversations and work together to analyze trends and patterns and improve results.


Take Control

Easily share up-to-the-minute business information to key stakeholders hourly, weekly or monthly, or at whatever frequency you decide. Use ­powerful API ­Integrations, Links, Alerts and ­Scheduling ­capabilities to create a powerful self-service ­reporting ­environment – saving the finance team significant time.


Analytics for Everyone

Powerful versatility together with ­sophisticated automation delivers highly professional and ­attractive reporting outputs suitable for all levels of user requirements. From simple daily KPI alerts; to complex financial dashboards; to professionally published business reports – Zobrio Reports & Dashboards does it all!

Enjoy the simplicity of a single reporting and analytics platform across all of your business systems to deliver a single accurate view of your business information.

  • Cross platform and vendor agnostic with the ability to report across your financial, regulatory and operational systems of choice
  • Sophisticated, yet easy to use dashboarding ­capabilities deliver contextual business data that is easy-to-understand and consume
  • Provide instant and convenient self-service access to managers favorite reports, budgets, alerts and dashboards
  • Schedule reporting tasks within daily, ­weekly, ­fortnightly or monthly time frames, using an ­intuitive and familiar calendar interface
  • Powerful and flexible dataset views allow you to view, interrogate and report on multiple datasets within a single window for easy comparison and analysis
  • ZAI Excel allows you to work within the ­familiar ­Excel environment, with all business data and ­reports being centrally stored within ZAI ­Performance
  • Easily produce, update and publish your Financial Reports and other organizational documents using simple drag and drop within a familiar Microsoft user interface