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More Fundware To Financial Edge Upgrades in preparation for EOL

Just to be absolutely clear, there has been no announcement for a Fundware Sunset or End Of Life as of the posting of this article. However, as everyone knows, it will come someday. And when it does, Zobrio is the leading consultant for non profits and government offices to make the move to Financial Edge.

We expect a large influx in conversions directly after any Fundware announcement by Blackbaud and are definitely recommending upgrading in advance. Here’s few just in the last month who are now upgrading.

Livingston County, IL – Fundware to Financial Edge

Clark County, IL – Fundware to Financial Edge

Crawford County, IL – Fundware to Financial Edge

If you’re just coming across Zobrio as you search the internet, please consider us as your Fundware upgrade consultants. We’re the trusted advisor for organizations large and small.

“Zobrio is our trusted solutions advisor and helped us clear the way for our move from Fundware to Financial Edge.” - Fayrene Wright , Crawford County Clerk