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Zobrio To Once Again Provide IT Services To NCAA Basketball Tournaments

March Madness is swiftly approaching which brings a sense of anticipation for formulating the perfect bracket. Similarly, the behind the scenes teams are busy formulating their plans for a tournament run.

Whether it’s the venue, the networks featuring the event, or even the janitorial crew, there is an immense amount of behind the scenes action that takes place. Any mistakes by one cog in the wheel can derail the whole process for everyone.

This year Zobrio will be providing the ‘behind the scenes’ action for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships and Missouri Valley Conference Championship. You may not have noticed in the past, but as a previous IT provider for both tournaments, Zobrio has been operating in the background of many games. Then again, ensuring no technical glitches that can (and will) take down an entire show is one of those things that is at its best when you don’t notice it at all.

So next time you’re getting caught up in a tournament game and there’s nothing interrupting you from enjoying it – no need to thank the IT team. You not noticing them is all the thanks they need.

Whether it’s a special event or your corporate office, Zobrio provides outstanding managed services to safeguard from any unforeseen IT issues. Contact us today for more information or if you have any IT problems that we could assist with.