Zobrio Announces the Launch of Zobrio Actionable Intelligence (ZAI) at BBCON 2019


October 7, 2019 | St. Louis, Mo. – ZOBRIO is excited to announce the launch of Zobrio Actionable Intelligence (ZAI), an ecosystem of modular software solutions developed specifically to solve many common business issues for the non-profit and government sectors.

ZAI fully integrates with Blackbaud’s Financial Edge fund accounting platform and adds value by providing a robust budgeting and banking solution for Financial Edge users.

Chief Executive Officer John Varadian said, “ZAI is unique because it allows someone who may not have very strong financial skills to effectively develop and manage their department budget. ZAI allows you to start with an initial budget and develop it with all the necessary workflows through completion to a final budget. You can even use ZAI to publish a budget book.â€

According to Varadian, ZAI’s modular design puts users in the driver’s seat by allowing users to select only the modules they require to address the business issues they are trying to solve.

ZAI will debut at BBCON 2019 on October 15-17, in Nashville, Tenn.

About Zobrio:

Founded in 1987, Zobrio is a software, services and IT management company with 30+ years in the government and nonprofit sectors. Zobrio specializes in fund accounting, bank reconciliation and budgeting software, as well as the required software, consulting, training and implementation services needed by clients. Zobrio also provides IT management solutions to help its clients procure, harden and maintain their IT infrastructure. www.zobrio.com