Zobrio Actionable Intelligence (ZAI) Budgeting Builds Full Integration with MIP

For Immediate Release

April 6, 2021 | St. Louis, Mo. – ZOBRIO announces the integration of Zobrio Actionable Intelligence (ZAI) Budgeting with MIP, Community Brand’s fund accounting solution.

ZAI Budgeting is a module in Zobrio’s ZAI ecosystem of software solutions. ZAI Budgeting was designed to extend the financial functionality of Zobrio’s MIP accounting suite. ZAI Budgeting simplifies and improves the budgeting process by reducing manual interaction during budget preparation and providing critical dashboard analytics and monitoring.

Chief Executive Officer John Varadian said, “We are so excited ZAI Budgeting is now available to MIP users. ZAI Budgeting’s unique design makes it easy for someone who may not have very strong financial skills to develop and manage their department budget.â€

According to Varadian, ZAI Budgeting’s robust reporting capabilities allows for very customized and granular reporting, even to the personnel level. ZAI Budgeting also enables organizations to automate their budget book preparations, which ensures budget books are produced accurately and in a shorter amount of time, Varadian said.

Rob Raymond, Executive Vice President, said, “ZAI Budgeting’s seamless integration with MIP is important to us. We made sure our customers find ZAI Budgeting intuitive and familiar. Instead of asking our customers to change their processes, ZAI Budgeting has the flexibility to conform to their workflow.â€

For more information on ZAI Budgeting, log on to https://www.zobrio.com/solutions/zobrio-actionable-intelligence/zai-budgeting/.

About Zobrio:

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