Recorded Zobrio U: MIP AP Payment Voids and Corrections

In the life of every accounts payable system the time will come when a payment needs to be removed. Perhaps the check was never received, the amount was wrong, or the invoice should have never been paid. We will identify the key considerations and procedures for correcting these situations. During this 20-minute webinar, we’ll show you:

  • How AP records are impacted by voids
  • How to void payments & related transactions in Financial Edge  
  • How to reissue payments

More about Zobrio U
Zobrio U is a series of webinars, articles and white papers that transform you into a solutions pro. As part of the Zobrio Client Care system, each class offers tips and instructions on your most pressing issues from financial close out to data security. At the very least, it just might get rid of that headache you’ve been having.