How The Town of Milton, Massachusetts Streamlined Their Fund Accounting With A Tight Budget

Similar to other Municipalities, The Town of Milton is under severe budget constraints and as a result, software upgrades often get put on the back burner. Their staff was under a lot of pressure to do more with less and even though they realized the many advantages to the new system, they also realized the burden of learning a new process. Prior to the implementation of the Zobrio Cash Management System, the Town of Milton was experiencing a number of manual intensive processes that created very inefficient procedures for preparing detailed revenue reports and resulted in a difficult cash reconciliation process. The remote users would enter cash receipt data multiple times, wasting valuable time across the Town’s departments creating the opportunity for miscoding. It used to take almost three weeks for cash receipt data to make its way from the remote departments to the accounting and treasury departments, and by that point, the data was outdated. The Town of Milton’s remote departments used a number of third party products such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks to track the detail of departmental cash receipts. This cash receipt information was then entered into the turnover report and the General Ledger at a summary level. These procedures resulted in an additional data-entry step being performed and a manually intensive reconciliation process.

Even with a tight budget, The Town of Milton knew they needed a change to eliminate manual data entry and improve their financial tracking and record management.

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