A woman holding an open wallet in her hands.

Zobrio Cash Management Success


Zobrio’s Development team continues to work hard to make Zobrio Cash Management an amazing tool to streamline tracking crash within your organization.

We’ve had a lot of success in the Boston market recently and want to highlight some of the our new ZCM users:

Town of Franklin, MA

Town of Sutton, MA

Town of Hatfield, MA

Jim Dacey, the Town of Franklin Treasurer, was the spotlight of a small feature we put together for Zobrio’s YouTube Page – Zobrio Cash Management in the Town of Franklin. We are so excited to hear about the great things ZCM is doing for the Town of Franklin.

With features like ASSIST, which allows you to reconcile your credit cards and bank accounts with a click of a button, Zobrio Cash Management can save your organization an average 40 hours a week!

To find out more about Zobrio Cash Management contact our sales team today.