Surviving a Data Backup Failure

Warning: The following story contains graphic accounts of data loss. Reader discretion is advised


At first it seemed to be like any other serious support call from one of our clients. Hardware and data failure recovery are a fairly common request for an IT support company like Zobrio, so we knew that our client most likely had their “missing” data backed up somewhere. After all, most businesses do, and luckily they were no exception. And so began the process of helping them with data restoration. The only problem? Their backup system data was corrupt!

We quickly discovered that their backups had actually not been successful for two full years! That’s because their previous solution was not working properly. It appeared to them as if it was backing up all of their files, but no one was checking that the backups were actually functional. Disaster! Thousands of critical files were at risk of being lost forever. It would have been a crippling blow to this organization.

After some brilliant work from our Managed Services team, we were able to get them back up and running. As you might imagine, they didn’t feel they could trust their old backup system anymore – and we don’t blame them.

Today our client uses Zobrio IT and Managed Services® complete cloud-based off-site data back-up. Not only is it completely secure, but they’ll never have to worry about losing data ever again. And with Zobrio’s free monitoring solution, we constantly test it (and their overall network) to give them complete peace of mind.

What About Your Office?

Unfortunately, outages happen. But whether it’s a flood in your office or an equipment failure in the server room, having a backup doesn’t mean you’re safe from catastrophe. Off site backup isn’t a choice anymore – it’s a necessity.

So, is your current backup working? Now might be a good time to request your IT support to test your existing backups. And if you don’t have anyone to call? Send a request to Zobrio and we’ll test your data backup for free.

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