Zobrio Pay Stub® Software

It’s Time to Lose the Paper

It was bound to happen eventually. As electronic documentation quickly overtakes the classic paper trail we’re all used to, it begins to open our eyes to how easy things are becoming. The paycheck pay stub is no exception.

Why You Need Zobrio Pay Stub®

Switching to electronic pay stubs saves you the cost of paper, ink and stamps – paying dividends over time. That said, Zobrio Paystub® is ridiculously affordable.

Many companies and organizations are converting over to electronic pay stubs simply for the green effect. Less paper waste and ink usage may seem like small gestures, but add up over time.

Where Zobrio Pay Stub® can save you dozens of hours on the backend. No more digging up old pay stubs for employees who need copies. No more trying to track down people who haven’t gotten their pay stub yet. Zobrio Pay Stub® sends the paycheck directly to the employee’s email and is always available to them via login through the pay stub website.

For anyone to see an employee’s pay stub, they must know the employee’s self-created user ID and password. The same goes for downloading old pay stubs. It’s all completely secure and employee controlled. An organization’s only role is set up and distribution.