Zobrio Pay Stub® for Government

Zobrio Pay Stub® is the electronic payroll tool that delivers employee pay stubs through email. No muss. No fuss. Just a simple to use and cost effective system that’s scalable for any business.


Go Green

Zobrio Pay Stub® is a green solution. That’s right – no more paper getting in your way. Beyond the environmental benefits, electronic paystubs fit within many of the new government office guidelines to “go green.”


More Efficient

Delivery of electronic paystubs is so much easier. Clicking “send” takes a second. Dropping off or mailing pay stubs takes, well, a lot more than a second. Plus, hey, no more stamps!



Save Time

Maybe best of all, no more visits from employees asking for copies of old pay stubs. With Zobrio Pay Stub®, non-profit employees simply sign in to their account to download their old pay stubs.