Zobrio Billing®

Complete and Budget-Friendly

Zobrio Billing® has been developed in cooperation with government agencies to build a truly comprehensive suite of financial tools. All areas of finance including billing, collection and administration of utilities, property tax and excise revenue make Zobrio Billing® one of the most complete and satisfyingly budget-friendly systems in the world.

Revenue Management Applications from Zobrio Keeps the Public’s Money in Check:

Accounts Receivables

  • Leverage a full set of appraisal tools within real estate appraisal
  • Comply with state regulatory changes for both your boat excise billing and motor vehicle excise billing
  • Integrate abatements through to collections with personal property billing
  • Streamline consumption reporting and billing with utility billing
  • Centrally manage all collection functions with receivables collection
  • Gain full visibility to your cash position with Zobrio Cash Management®

Employee Management

  • Transition active members to retirement with contributory retirement systems
  • Gain confidence that employees are paid appropriately with payroll administration


  • Generate in-depth reporting with report generator
  • Smoothly transition accounts from collections to tax title with tax title administration