Blackbaud Fundware Support

Experienced Support When You Need It

Fundware has been a core piece of software for thousands of nonprofit and government organizations over the years, yet the one thing it’s lacked for many people is premium level support. How do we know? Because Zobrio Customer Care is adding fundware support for new clients who feel left behind all the time.

When organizations need real fundware support, they choose Zobrio Customer Care for fundware.

Our best-in-class support team takes support for fundware to a whole new level than organizations are used to.

Zobrio Client Care for Fundware Goes Beyond Your Average Support.

When you need help with finance or fundware support, you can be sure you’ll be talking to the person who knows your organization. At Zobrio there’s no need to worry about who is going to pick up the phone.

Everyone in our fundware support staff have many years of experience working with non-profits and government organizations.

All the financial software support in the world means nothing without true professionalism. In the end, it’s money we’re dealing with and there are few support staffs that can equal the high level know-how that a Zobrio Client Care Agreement provides.

As if there could be too many certifications. Our fundware Client Care Agreements offer real software support. This team isn’t just CPAs trying to support software. They’re Fundware experts who happen to be CPAs.

Our Blackbaud Fundware Support Team – Featured Consultants

Without these folks we’re just one of the regular support companies.

Kathy Dwyer – Senior Applicaton Consultant

Nora Al-Omari – Application Consultant